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In the Land of Pi

A recent movie titled the Land of Pi depicts the life of a young Indian boy born in the South Indian city of Pontecherri who leaves with his family for the promise of a better future in Canada on a Japanese ship only to be met by disaster on the high seas.  His whole family and the entire pax perish at sea except for him and a tiger from their family zoo.  The opening scenes are laced with deep spiritual and philosophical questions as the characters wrestle with life's meaning and purpose and the nature of divine revelation.  Several hundreds of believers stand to rededicate their lives to bold witness at one of the services yesterday morning. In a way the boy's story captures the incredibly complex reality of the Indian people that spans the globe.  In his quest for divine revelation, he embodies the searching nature of the Indian soul from time immemorial. I arrived here in Bangalore on Saturday morning for a time of ministry on two  fronts: one to the Indian loca