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God Does Great Things in Ruzizi as 81,000 Hear the Gospel

Pastor Nsengumuremyi Theonest during the closing rally : Several thousand residents of Ruzizi, Rwanda listen to the gospel as Sammy Wanyonyi presents a clear  and concise message of Hope through Christ during the closing rally August 12th 2012 "It has been a year since i have been pastoring a church in Mururu Sector. My church has never exceeded 50 members. During Rusizi Mission, I was one of the active pastors in Rusizi 11 preaching site. This last Sunday on 12 th /8/2012 I received 70 new members which means my church has now over 120 members. I praise God for the impactful results of Rusizi Mission. I can assure you that other fellow churches have experienced the same positive results too ." Later, hundreds respond to the call of Salvation. Mayor of the City during Top Leaders Dinner: "Since 1946 when the first protestant churches (ADEPR) were planted in Rusizi, its our first time to have such kind of mission where all different deno