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How should we live in the face of economic anxiety?

The question we are all dealing with is how to live well in these economically anxious times. According to the latest statistics by psychologists, eighty percent of Americans are anxious about the economic outlook and worried about making ends meet. That is a staggering number of people. Unfortunately, the news is not any different for followers of Jesus Christ. Everyweek I pray with people who are on the brink of a nervous break-down due to economic pressures. Many among us are dealing with job losses, house-value depreciations, and diminished or vanished incomes. Those in their 50s and 60s are seeing their retirement savings disappear over-night. Just yesterday, a dear seminary professor shared with me his own anxiety... his 401 K is now far much less than it was 15 years ago even as he approaches retirement. I believe that Jesus gives us a clear blue-print on how to live anxiety-free. Here are five principles that we find in Matthew 6:19-34 that if we pay attention to, we can live