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What Flavoring Shall I Use for the Gospel Here In India?

Shortly after arriving in Mumbai, India yesterday in transit to my next destination of Hyderabad, I decided to get something to eat.  I was hungry and, wanting to stay on the side of caution, looked for something familiar.  Guess my delight when I saw a KFC joint in the domestic flights food court.  I went over to the counter and requested for chicken, and wanting to adapt slowly, some rice on the side.  I cannot claim to have eaten a lot from KFC in the United States.  Perhaps 4 or 5 times that I remember.  I always try to avoid fast foods.  But being here in India, hey, it looked pretty good given the unfamiliar alternatives. I knew exactly what to expect once I bit into the crunchy exterior of the chicken that looked just like the KFC chicken back in the United States States, right? Wrong!   To my surprise, the Indian KFC had a bit of Indian flavor to it.  It was spicy, though of course not to Indian standards.  I got a more rude shock when I bit into the side that came