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Faith Seeks Welcoming Acceptance in the Holy Land

As published in Chanhassen Villager and Chaska Herald Newspapers February 24th 2011 Father Chacour speaks to our team in Haifa, Israel “I beg of you for your friendship and for your solidarity. Your solidarity, if you accept to share it with me, requires from you reconsideration of your attitudes, your convictions, and of your relations toward the Jew and I his Palestinian brother. For we are blood brothers who share the same Iraqi Forefather. Why should you lose your balance and interpret your standing with my Jewish brother as automatic hatred, the purging rejection of me, his Palestinian brother whom you do not know? “I am not asking you to take my side against my Jewish brother’s side. What would you have done to your noble self if you become one sided? You reduce all your capacity to become one more enemy in this cruel arena. We do not need any more enemies. We need one more friend. I truly enjoyed our fellowship with Father Chacour who has twice been nominated for the