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Hundreds Choose Jesus in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

 Hundreds match for Jesus through the streets of Pietermaritzburg Flying into Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, last month, the view over the snow-covered Drukensburg mountains surrounded by lush evergreen forests was breath-taking.  It was winter and just a week earlier, they had received a fresh coating of snow.   Several youth pray to receive Christ in a township It had cleared off the streets of Pietermaritzburg by the time we arrived to commense the mission organized by our partners Africa Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE).   Not withstanding, the evenings and nights were brutally cold even for a cold-hardened Minnesotan like me.  This woman who I was told was a sangoma (witchdoctor) received Christ However, it wasn't the cold that caught my attention.  No, it was the hoards of people that braved the cold in the evenings to come and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the unheated tents that we had strategically set up in several townships of Pieterma