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Twelve Thousand Come to Christ on the Hills of Rubavu, Rwanda. 78000 Attend.

 Sammy Wanyonyi leads a crowd in repentence prayer They came from all walks of life, strutting across the gentle hills of Rubavu, to attend the SWIM Ministry Festival of Hope events that lasted for a week. These same hills, that not long ago hosted thousands fleeing for their lives from the genocide and ethnic gangs bent on revenge, became places of gatherings of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation.   Often, they withstood the elements, rain, wind, slippery hillsides, in order to listen to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  250 Women leaders attend the conference facilitated by SWIM team members Kimberly Wolf and Judy Chase.  Each night, our ministry team proclaimed the love of God to several thousands. Each time, hundreds of people responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. By the closing of the festival on the 7th day, 11,980 people out of the 78,000 that attended the meetings, had prayed with us to receive Christ. Ingab