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Final Report: From Death Lead Us to Eternal Life!- India Prays!

A multitude numbering close to 80,000 thronged the rickety temporary structure covering about five football fields that hang low over their heads to protect them from the blazing heat.    Many watched on the TV screens spread around the field as were millions of others in their living rooms all across India.   “At least 75 percent of them are Hindus,” Pastor Clarence Muruthia, our lead host and local superintendent of the Assemblies of God churches informed us.   He was not exaggerating.     For India’s Christian population only comprises 2% of the national population.   Scores of them bore the bindi, the traditional Hindu dot, on their foreheads, a sign that they had prayed to their Hindu gods that morning.   Here, shoes off their feet, sitting close to each other, men on one side and women on the other to comply with the cultural norms, they quietly listened to the message of Christ.   Somehow they felt an attraction to Jesus Christ.   The mood of the audience seemed to