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There are three or more possible responses we can have when we come across Jesus' flat castigation of earthly investments in Matthew 6:19-34. The easiest of these is to refuse to invest at all. After all why invest when our returns are destroyed by moth and rust (factors we can't control) or are likely to be stolen by genius wall-street thieves? Why invest when we are unlikely to maximize on the returns? Going hand-in-hand with this response is the refusal to engage life. We resign ourselves to despair and lose faith in the possibility of any good in the world. We only want to do as little as possible. We stay away from things that are likely to stretch us or to result in more than we need to survive from day to day. We decidedly live below our potential. The second response is to consume everything we have here and now. We work hard. We are productive. But we consume all that we get on ourselves. We neither store up anything for future nor do we seek to share with anyone else