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Two thoughts on Prayer

"Those who pray humbly can proceed boldly"...or is it "those who pray humbly and hear can proceed boldly?" I believe true and humble prayer will wait to hear the Master's word before embarking on a course of action. This kind of praying is also confident that God will speak and shed light on the matter presented to Him in prayer. Thus, the praying person pays attention to the whisper or the loud rumbling that may be the Lord's word regarding the issue. That said, I do not see fault with the first statement either as humility presumes this very posture of listening to our Lord. It is His word coming to us objectively through scripture, subjectively through the Holy Spirit, and through the community of believers around us that becomes our final guidance. I do believe that there is time to stop praying and to start obeying. Yet we can never be fully disengaged from prayer if what we are doing is indeed the Lord's will for our lives. Likewise, we can n