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The Answerer

After my previous post The Mystery of the Number "9" in 2009, one reader at another magazine site where the article was published responded thus: "Interesting, but totally miserable!... I do not see how the world could get worse than it already is... That means we will have a worse Dafur, a worse Kenyan drought/politicians, a worse American foreign policy?" Now, obviously this dear reader, while overlooking the overall motif of hope that I present, brushed against what I may call the "prophetic" aspects of the article. I have stated in an earlier piece on this blog that I am an optimist. However, I am not one to be sold on utopian ideas of a perfecct society that is ever progressing or on a cheap salvation. I am more of an optimistic realist, one who believes in the possibilities of a better society, if, and only when, the human society, individually and collectively, is willing to grapple with the realities of its own fall. An optimism (freedom) that is