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Gospel to Rwanda & Malawi

God has placed before us a tremendous opportunity this summer. Starting from August 20-29, we will be working with Rwandan Churches in fellowship with the Lausanne Conference 2010 to proclaim the message of Salvation in Rwanda’s Southern Province of Huye. Sammy proclaims the message of hope to several thousands of Rwandan people at Huye Stadium in Butare during a SWIM Festival of Hope in 2006 We will hold three days of evangelistic Festival in the local Soccer stadium, conduct a Leadership Seminar for pastors, businessmen, politicians and other community leaders, reach out to students at Rwanda’s main University that is located in the city, as well as hold a special outreach to the genocide prisoners. Sixteen years ago, Rwanda went through the darkest period of its political and social life. In one hundred days, nearly a million people were killed in the genocide brought about by ethnic animosity. That is ten thousand people being killed per day. The city of Huye was the ground z