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Bartimeus: From Darkness to Light

One of the most powerful accounts in the gospels is that between Jesus and Bartimeus, the blind beggar of Jericho as recorded in Luke 18:35-43.  Bartimeus was a disadvantaged man.  His lived in Jericho, the accursed city (Joshua 6:26).  Not only that, he was the least of the least and the poorest of the poor of Jericho.  In Karmic terms, Karma was against him.  But yet on this day Jesus visited Jericho.  Bartimeus saw his opportunity for hope and he seized it.  He broke through from a life of darkness into Light. Bartimeus did four things that heralded his breakthrough from a life of darkness to the Light.  First is that he recognized who Jesus is.  He inquired from friends, neighbors, and the multitudes who the Person passing through town was. You see, Jesus does not discriminate.  And on this day, He passed through Jericho the accursed city.  As many as would lift their voices to Him in Jericho, He would take their curse upon Himself.  For Bartimeus, beyond inquiry,